Saturday, October 4, 2014

Summer Time

Its been a while since I have written on here. Its been so crazy and busy! These kids have had a great summer. We have been camping, fishing, to Escalante, and the best is the California. The kids LOVED Disneyland, SeaWorld, and of course the beach. Besides being busy with the normal everyday craziness, these little have been busy growing up. Wow they have changed.

Kenadie was absolutely in love with Disneyland. She was able to get a makeover at the Bippity Boboti Boutique. The fairy godmothers did her hair (yes in a full bun), makeup and nails, with lots of fairy dust. She loved all of the rides, She even went on the Moutain Splan with Lane, Eryn and I. and she loved it, was a bit iffy at times but she wanted to do it again. She was really nervous meeting all the princess's, but after she saw other kids talking to them she opened right up. It was a lot of fun for all of us. She is ready to go again. At SeaWorld we got to have breakfast with Shamu. That was pretty cool. Of course the kids loved that as well. And the beach, Kenadie didn't get out of the water till the very end. And Rager loved the sand. Only wish is that we could have stayed longer.

Lanes had a rough year. He has been layed off a few times from a couple oil companies. Hes back with Unit and hopeing that we will have a better rest of the year.

I have just been busy with these kids. I feel like all I do is run, and there isn't enough time in the day. Poor Rager has been more of a higher maintenance kid than Kenadie was. Hes had a rough start with all the croup, asthma, and ear problems. He is not a social baby at all. He wont go to anyone besides Lane or I. And I have only left him a few times with Lane while I go to the dentist. Total opposite from kenadie. Hopefully he will get better with it in time. He just had his 18 month checkup and weighted in around 28 pounds (about the 60-70%) and was I think 31 inches. Hes a big boy. Solid with No rolls. He is such a happy little boy , as long as I'm around and hes feeling good. He is a maniac though. Totally a boy. He has no fear, no line, and no limit. He jumps literally off every surface that he can, and is always trying to make it higher. He scares me to death. Seriously. His little foot has been turning in for a couple months now, but after xrays we found out its just the muscle right now, not the bone, so hopefully he will grow out of it. He loves Kenadie and copies, EVERYTHING she does. He loves his boot, trucks, coloring on the floor and sweet treats along with meat. He is just starting to talk basic words. Now he can say: mom, dad, Rascal, Tigg, No, ball, cow, and about 8 other words. Hes clapping and dancing around a lot. Loves his toes painted while Kenadie and me are doing ours :) Lane doesn't know about that one. He is a very loveable little boy.

Kenadie has grown so tall. She is so happy that dance and Preschool have started up again. She did gymnastics this summer, but I think shes liking dance a little more. I'm so impressed with how much they learn so early. In school she is counting to about 50, she is learning sign language ( numbers), and she is learning the Pledge of alleigience. She told me when she got home that she wanted to go the Merica, and she need to put on nice clothes so she could go there for 10 days. I had no idea what she was talking about. Finally she started saying a little bit of the the pledge of allegiance and I put to and to together. Smart girl. She is also picking up on other things at home. Like, "Those damnit dogs need to quit barking, or , UGHHH are you freakin kidding me." Its pretty funny but I didn't know I said those things till I heard her say them. Shes a pretty good sister too. Lots of hugs, but she loves to annoy him and he drives her crazy also.

I'm just going to put a few random pics on the computer from our summer.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kenadie AND Ragers Birthdays!

These little stinkers of mine decided it was time to get a little older. Kenadie turned 4 and Rager 1! Such a bittersweet time. There birthdays were a lot of fun! Kenadie had been planning hers for the last 6 months. A Rupunzel birthday that is. We googled pictures of Rupunzel cakes and after showing her tons of other pictures of less complicated cakes, I gave in and did the one she wanted! I spent almost 10 hours decorating their cakes. For some awkard reason, I kindof enjoy it! The winter has continued to be pretty busy and a bit stressful. My kids are so ready for warm weather and to be outside. I'm just as ready. Kenadie is still loving school and dance.  She has become quite the little dancer. She also is getting really good at writing her letters. She has just recently learned how to write her name. Rager is a handful more and more everyday, with new bumps and bruises . I cant keep up with this wild little man. Hes so fun! He has mastered climbing on everything (with some VERY hard falls) including the counter! Hes so fast I have a hard time keeping up with what he is doing next. At his one year apt he was 24lbs 8oz and 30inches long. He is such a bull legged thing too. So dang cute. He has more hair on his head then kenadie had at the age of 2. I knew I would have a boy that would have more hair then this little girl. All she wants is long golden hair like Rupunzel, were very slowly getting there. Rager added 2 teeth this week for a total of 8. He is starting to finally like food more. Still loving his bottles though, especially the bink. He is still a terrible sleeper most the time, but you wouldn't know it by how happy he is. Big time mamas boy!
                                                                        One year pics

                                                                    4 year old pics

                                                                BIRTHDAY TIME

                                                                    Monster cake

                                                                          birthday breakfast

The rupunzel cake passed the test. Kenadie LOVED it! She was very proud of it!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Catching Up!

It has been a crazy couple of months, but its not looking like it will be slowing down anytime soon!For Thanksgiving this year, Lane was gone. So we celebrated early and had some family come early here. It was my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner for more than just Lane. Tara and I did it though and with little mistakes, Lets just say, the texture of a raw turkey is well...gross, we used tongs to get the giblets, didnt' find any. Every step we did, we checked with Jared, because he knows all. Well once everything was cooked we found out the giblets were still inside, and that the turkey was upside down. Turns out its more moist of a turkey that way. It was a lot of fun!
For Christmas Lane was also gone, so we celebrated that a couple of weeks early. It was tons of fun. Kenadie got into it big time this year. Music, lights, decorations, our elf, present everything. She loved having our Elf, Sprinkles, join us this year. It was a lot of fun when he had to leave. I was sortof sad. They kids got ALOT for Christmas. Love spoiling them this time of year!
Rager is 11 months right now. Can you believe it? That went by way to fast. I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that my kids birthdays are two days apart, so I will have to have them each a year older within two days! Sad! Rager got tubes in, in October and they seem to have helped a lot. He has only gotten 1 double ear infection since then, But he seems to be a lot like his sister with winter asthma. They have both had croup 4 times this year already and strep. Dang cold weather. Lots of oils, breathing treatments, steroids, humidifier and vix are continuing our way for the winter. This little boy has been a nightmare when it comes to sleep! He is still not sleeping at all! I don't know if hes just a little stinker, or if being sick so much just has messed it all up. Lets hope it changes fast, because I'm exhausted! Rager started walking at 9 1/2 months. Holy cow! HE is into EVERYTHING! Hes the cutest bull legged walker you have ever seen! But he is so fast and into every room. Including the toilet, ALOT! We had to finally get a lock on the toilets because he was into them so often. He has had tons of bumps and bruises of course, fallen down the stairs and took a good burn to the hand and face. Poor Baby takes a lot!  He is talking away and is playing/annoying his sister all the time. He still doesn't eat a lot of food, just isn't into it, so the bottle is still a big supplement. Oh well, makes for lots of cuddles. He has the tantrum and crying down perfect :) At his 9 1/2 month appointment he weighed 22.7 lbs and was 29 inches long!I love this chunk, maybe not so much of a chunk though, just SOLID! His smile, laugh and cheerful personality is was keeps me going after those long, long, long nights he keeps me up for!
Kenadie  is also growing like a weed. She is so tall and getting skinny! She has a firecracker personality!She is catching on to everything we say. Oh my goodness, I didn't even know half those words even came out of our mouths.Good reminder I guess!She is So sweet and caring, but definitely testing the waters. She is soo excited about her birthday coming up. She has been waiting patiently for months as all her friends had theres. She has it planned out exactly: Runzel tower cake, pizza and my boys! Those are her exact requests! She is doing so well in preschool. She looks forward to it every week. She's loving dance too. She had her first performace in Decemeber and it was very bittersweet for me. When did my baby girl get so big? She looked so cute and did well. I'm really trying to enjoy ALL the good AND bad times, because it is truly going by so fast!

                                                     Watching Kenadie outside, he wants out soo bad!
Dressed like a princess!

 Another dentist appointment and she is still doing good with NO cavities! She seriously LOVES the dentist and dr!

 He was reaching really hard for a toy...and ended up doing a headstand in the box :)

 Thanks Kenadie for taking over feeding Rager while I was gone for a min!


Nothing beats BUBBLE WRAP!!